A true ski giant

A true ski giant

Great high-profile skiing: speed of execution and particularly high stability, edge grip, safety in the management of wide curves, always accurate and easy to set up.
While being inserted into the race carver category broadly embraces the feelings that the real skiing giant can give. Walter Galli is in fact enthusiastic: "A true ski giant, which makes you feel the snow."

  • Solid wood structure
  • -50% vibration
  • Carbon and Kevlar fibers + Graphene KKEpx inserted to improve the quality of wood
  • Fitted with any type of ski bindings
  • Piste: GS Race Carver

Your GS race Carve ski

The quattrovalvole ski is available in different solutions aesthetic and of performances: Pure, Carbon, Sport, Carbon Sport.

Each version can then be sorted Ash or Hickory wood.

The ash wood allows the creation of high quality ski, stable and performantles, from minimal vibrations that give safety even at high speeds.
The Hickory wood is probably the wood which is optimal for the construction of a ski. In the golden age of skiing, when used in ski racing in wood, all the national athletes were using skis in Hickory.

High performance

"Quattrovalvole? I immediately called them "The wrath of God. Sensational !!! Massimiliano G.

"A blast for stability and ease, there is always in all conditions and at any speed ... no vibration !!!!" Raffaele P.

"As a ski so if they encounter in life one every thirty years. You absolutely have to have them: believe me, are nothing short of fantastic! " Stefano R.

"They are one of the strongest athletes of the Italian Championship Master and I was impressed with this wood ski. Wonderful!" The Florentine

"... I do not know how the hell we're successful, but trying them I must admit that all your wood skis are at least 50% less vibration than our and all other other prestigious brands and that means everything: stability, precision, little fatigue, fluidity and absolute grip on ice. Super, pasty and nervous only when needed, fast, or all that we strive to have in a racing skis " S. T., Technical Manager Racing athletes in the World Cup of primary holding skis.

kastelaar package

In this model you can mount both traditional ski bindings that telemark.
Following our company policy that favors materials and products km Zero propose traditional ski bindings Vist,
produced a few kilometers from our company and used at the World Cup.

For telemark we propose The M Medjo ski bindings

Each ski is customizable and is guaranteed two years.

Frequent Asked Questions

The character of quattrovalvole

Very stable ski that offers outstanding grip on ice. It allows skiing always effective, even with very wet and heavy snow.
Safety in high-speed, easy to handle the curve and the unique ability to not tire while offering high-level performance puts him at the top of the category.

Skiing at the top of the category that offers outstanding grip on ice. Free field has few rivals for the performances and emotions can offer with all types of snow. Almost zero vibration and high performance without tiring.

Although not a studied skis for the races is used in the master races for its ability to keep on ice and for the speed can generate due to less vibration. In every run it offers a great level performances and big emotions.

Ski Kastelaar: the best of tradition and innovation.

Kastelaar builds the best of modern wooden skis and the largest collection in the world. The increased amount of this wood in our ski is designed to drastically reduce the vibrations, the critical point of the ski, up to 50%!
Skis with this approach are high performance, they also become more stable at high speeds and give a sense of security, they are easy, precise, not tiring, ideal to preserve their body from microtrauma created by the vibrations, or for those suffering from back pain, leg or it is not in top form.

The carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber and graphene combined with proprietary epoxy resins are inserted in a suitable way to improve the quality of the wood and neutralize weaknesses that allow high-level performance based on computer simulations with sophisticated engineering programs.

Ecological and highly protective coatings ensure its durability. This allows, if necessary, at any time to easily restore the skis.

Solid Wood

Over time, the structure of wood in the ski has been replaced by metal and plastic, but since these materials do create vibrations and not reduce these there is realized the need to start to use it.
The metals are among the main causes of micro-traumas due to vibrations that create without being able to absorb them.

Today all the best ski contain wood in a percentage from 25% to 45%, but not as a structure, or use it as an aesthetic element.
In the Kastelaar ski the wood is skiing (for a percentage of 90%) and it is for this reason that we can further reduce vibration compared to all up to 50% less!
We use the wood for this and not because we are nostalgic.

The ash wood allows the creation of high quality ski, stable and performantles, from minimal vibrations that give safety even at high speeds.

The Hickory wood is probably the wood which is optimal for the construction of a ski being very stable, elastic and at the same time allows still better performances than the ash wood for precision and sensitivity. Hickory has almost disappeared in all the skiing because of its high cost. Kastelaar is now the only one in the world producing skis with hickory wood with exceptional features and incredibly forgotten. It is no coincidence that in the golden age of skiing, when used in ski racing in wood, all the national athletes were using skis in Hickory: Zeno Colo', Jean Claude Killy, Carlo Senoner, Celina Seghi, Lacroix...


The Kevlar fiber is an aramid fiber, high-performance, lightweight, but stronger than steel and abrasion, but above all it has the great advantage of absorbing vibrations. Here is the reason for using this material in our ski and to have in the kastelaar catalog for all models of skis the Carbon version that is realized with a larger amount of this material.

Carbon Fibre, software high-tech and tradition

To make the best of the world wooden skis need a special mix of tradition and innovation. This does not allow the use of prepreg carbon fibers, because the high temperatures used for polymerization reduce by 35% the mechanical properties of the wood.

It is necessary to work at low temperatures of the carbon fiber and with polymerization times long (about six days) to create a polymer of three dimensions, something not possible in metal skis or prepeg that use of carbon fibers, which has the mechanical characteristics very high.

In this sense we have developed specifically an epoxy resin that responds to the best to these needs. The carbon fibers unidirectional and multidirectional and are inserted along the ski with particular inclinations and in some points according to a scheme developed by a parametric CAD software in finite elements. The appearance is that of a collage.

Cutting Edge

The best quality 48HRC hardness, the same used in the competitions. Allow skiing with greater safety consuming less, in particular in artificial snow, very aggressive.


Our visionary spirit leads us to be the first in the world to combine the graphene to the wood in a ski. All Kastelaar contain a certain percentage. This incredible material allows us to significantly increase the mechanical quality of our skis. This is not a coincidence that now our skis are also used by athletes for the World Cup competitions and in the Freeride World Tour.

Today this incredible technology is present in a traditional, yet futuristic solid wood skis!

Graphite Ski Base

Like being in a race car with maximum safety.

Best ski base whit high proportion graphite of hand-prepared by a professional ski man with long experience in the World Cup and the Olympics: ski fast, easy, accurate and stable. Quality & Tradition.

technical specifications

    169 179 189
width in mm front 114 114 114
middle 70 70 70
tail 99,5 99,5 99,5
radius in m 16 21,5 27
length in mm 1690 1790 1890
weight in g 1380 1520 1680
from the tail mm 730 680 830
    width in mm   radius in m length weight center ski
front [+] middle [+] tail [+] middle [+] in mm in g in mm
quattrovalvole 169 114 70 99,5 16 1690 1380 730
quattrovalvole 179 114 70 99,5 21 1790 1520 780
quattrovalvole 189 114 70 99,5 24 1890 1680 830

Front width

Middle width

Tail width

Middle radius

Warnings! Mounting Ski Binding - Ski edge - Tuning

Mounting binding: pierce skiing tipped by 3.5.
IMPORTANT: putting epoxy in the hole before screwing. DO NOT USE PVA GLUES.

SKI EDGE & TUNING: 88' and 0.5. The board comes already with base waxed.
On request with a virgin base and ski edge to prepare.
Board very sensitive to the ski edge finish, if done badly you feel, use the diamond finish.

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