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ProsS01 Split

prosS01 Split

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Order your board Kastelaar for next season 2017-2018 and save 10%!

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Models for telemark, backcountry, freeride, the park, the skialp.

The pleasure of skiing Kastelaar where you want to try the most beautiful emotions.

Skis that have a soul and that make you feel good.

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cross country

We have created a futuristic 460 grams wooden skis that is at the top of the category for the lightness. Constructed with cedar wood, carbon and kevlar. The class "Nordic", leads cross-country skiing in a new dimension.

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alpine ski

The legendary ski Kastelaar.

» discover Kastelaar ski: a new generation alpine ski. Zero vibration, stability, performance, design, strong.

You're free, you're Kastelaar

Kastelaar was born thinking about the nature. His goal is to create sports gear, leisure and movement, in which attention to tradition, environment, innovation and design, performance is combined into one. For winter Kastelaar is now able to offer the widest ski and snowboard ecological collection existing on the market: solid wood skis for alpine and cross country, snowboards.

Tradition & Quality

The Kastelaar boards and skis are handcrafted in Vicenza, in northern Italy, but they are designed through finite element parametric CAD programs. A mix of natural products as wood, technology and highly sophisticated materials and cutting-edge, allowing the creation of quality skiing, with minimum vibration, allowing high performance and absolute safety.


Thanks to minimum vibration, 50% less than comparable ski to flex, twist and size, the Kastelaar ski are distinguished by little tiring, allow to ski well and in total safety even at high speeds. They are used by athletes in the World Cup races and the Word Freeride Toud, world champions of the past, ski instructors and many winter sports enthusiasts.


The Kastelaar are skiing in next-generation wood, born to ski naturally in nature. Over twenty innovations applied to wood, designed to improve the performance, accuracy, comfort and durability.

Ecological Materials

Kastelaar is a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly, high performance sports equipment and has the most varied range of products, for winter and summer sports. The wood for Kastelaar is a precise choice for both performances for both pollute the least possible. We produce Km Zero and we use the wood from forests with programmed planting.

Handmade and lasting

Our products are designed to last as long as possible and do not follow the logic of consumerism. They wear less than the others and is also easy to get them in shape. Products which are not thrown, but rather collect and which are able to offer the same performance for a higher number of cycles of fatigue of any other similar product on the market.
This is the winning philosophy of Kastelaar, for Nature and for all of us.